This year brought a lot of difficulties to most of the people around the globe. Together with that, in 2020 many companies and businesses were hit by the crisis, from the small entrepreneurs to the leaders of the global marketWe had to learn and innovate to adjust and thrive in the new ways of working, collaborating, and communicating. The Coronavirus pandemic gave us many valuable lessons to learn, but most importantly – we understood that only by working together we can overcome global issues. 

As most companies, at BLOCK.CO, we had to adapt to the disruptive changes dictated by the lockdown measures. But we managed to get through by focusing on what we can do best and offering our help to institutions that would benefit from our solution in times of crisis. Together with that, we took time to support our community and educate people on Blockchain Technology, its potential and upcoming trends, through our free webcasts, which received amazing feedback and gathered people from over 50 countries around the world! Our efforts paid off, and in the first 7 months of this year, BLOCK.CO issued more than 25,000 documents on one of the most robust blockchains – Bitcoin. 

more than 25,000 documents

As an innovative organization at the early stage of industry development, we are thankful to each and every one of our partners from both the private and public sectors. Being at the forefront of the blockchain industry we understand our responsibility to continuously improve our solution and keep up with the latest technology trends to offer the best solution to our customers. BLOCK.CO’s mission is to eliminate document fraud everywhere, by transforming the way institutions manage digital records. 

Our platform is easy to useas both the issuer and the validator will not need to understand blockchain technology. Our solution uses a very simple drag-and-drop method. Moreoverit is highly secure, as we store all the information on Bitcoin’s blockchain. Our clients can be sure that their PDFs will be 100% tamper-proof. Finally, our product is based on verifiable PDFs meaning that there is no limit regarding the number of issued documents per batch. If you want to learn more about our solution watch our Platform Walk-Through Video.

Thank you for trusting BLOCK.CO and choosing us as your solution provider! We value your support and engagement and will continue delivering our best work for you. Stay tuned with usMore updates coming soon! 

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