Telecommunication and Technology

Possibly one of the most fast paced industries, the telecommunication and technology field has been swept up in rapid deregulation and innovation. Traditional markets have been turned upside down, as the growth multiplies. Meanwhile, NFTs have grown in prominence as digital assets that span several industries. While they are still mistakenly perceived as artwork since the most famous NFTs sold to date have been art, it is not the case; in fact, NFTs have a wider range of use cases like in music, gaming, and multimedia.

We are currently witnessing a radical change in the way we advertise and market our brands. Web 3.0 equals more privacy which means that dependence on large marketing channels to acquire customers will diminish. We’ll have to look for new opportunities and NFTs have the right set of characteristics to come out on top.

Telecom companies, the driving force behind global communication, have begun to use NFTs as a new way to grab attention and communicate with their customers. Hatem Dowidar, group CEO of Etisalat, said: “The digital transformation that we are experiencing on all fronts will accelerate our quest to innovate. The Metaverse is opening up several avenues for us to investigate the digital realm in ways that were unimaginable just a few years ago. At this defining moment in our journey, we are proud to leverage our legacy in blockchain-enabled tech to launch pioneering NFTs that allow us and our customers to explore the limitless potential that the Metaverse holds.”

Increase Brand Awareness & Contribute to a Good Cause

Every large corporation today has a robust social responsibility program, which is not only acknowledged but also demanded by consumers.Technology is one of the most powerful facilitators for accomplishing and accelerating the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

According to the SDG research, 57.7% of companies in the industry have a thorough understanding of the 2030 Agenda, putting them well ahead of the pack, particularly in terms of developing actions connected to the SDGs’ many areas.

An awareness-raising marketing campaign could be tailored to an organization’s internal goals. To meet its sustainability goals, the corporation could establish one or more collections of NFTs. Invite customers to buy an NFT and donate to one of the charities and pay with a credit card on the organization’s website. Another alternative is to put a QR code on their monthly phone bill and urge consumers to scan it to claim an NFT and have their account instantly charged.

Attach additional benefits to the NFTs to increase sales. Apart from their contribution, the value of the NFTs could give the opportunity to the holders to win large prizes at the end of the promotional campaign. As NFTs are usually perceived as collectibles, it’s an opportunity to grant higher benefits to holders of a combination of NFTs. Whatever money is raised at the end of the promotion could be matched by the company, donating an equivalent amount to the same cause.

Introduce a New Product or Service

Consider the following scenario: the launching of a new tablet, a VR headset, or any new gadgets, and you want to get people’s attention. Gen Z is likely to be your primary target group, and they will be the first to respond to any new and trendy promotion. Offer an NFT with this product purchase as part of your marketing campaign. For sales made at physical stores, offer an NFT via QR code printed at the cashiers’ desk. For online sales, the NFTs could be sent by email or SMS.

Attach various benefits to NFTs to keep them relevant for longer periods and maintain client engagement. Every January on “National Technology Day” for example, one of the NFT holders is randomly selected and gifted the latest tablet. You could occasionally provide them with a discount or coupons for a variety of products.

Enhance Brand Loyalty with Collectibles

Telecommunication providers have the unique capacity to do their marketing directly through clients’ mobile phones. As it has been done in the past by sending ringtones or wallpapers, now NFTs could be the new cool idea.

Design an NFT every month and share it with all new and existing clients of a specific service. These monthly NFTs could be part of a specific theme and create a collection, creating a desire for people, especially the younger generation, to yearn for the entire collection. In time, clients will have a collection of different NFTs that they can sell or trade with others.

To increase the value of the NFTs and the engagement with clients, attach several benefits to the NFT, such as invitations to events and product offers. If they are sold, these privileges will be transferred along with the NFTs to the new NFT holder.