SMARTR aims to serve the economically disadvantaged everyday people of the world, by using NFTs for creating major social impact. Micro Entrepreneurship, as SMARTR believes, is what most people need. Something simple yet with major financial reward potential. Non-Fungible Tokens serve the perfect micro entrepreneurship opportunity, but most people simply don’t know how to create the kind of “Xtraordinary Value Propositions™” necessary to do well in the NFT space. SMARTR is the only NFT company in the world that creates NFT products and services that are literally an NFT Business-In-A-Box™.


The NFT-X!™ Project is first and foremost a project focused on making Social, Economic and Environmental IMPACT on communities around the world. The mission focused on creating an NFT Ecosystem & Digital Economy to hyper-accelerate sustainability transformation at a global scale. Part of this Global Sustainability Transformation project, was the development of a Digital Twin of existing cities, starting with Manhattan. This initiative is tied to their development of a “digital twin” Sm@rtr® Manhattan Metaverse environment, which will be an ever-expanding Showcase of Sustainability Technology solutions from around the world, while also serving as an immersive Sustainability Education tool and a highly strategic Business/Economic Sustainable Development “platform” for New York City’s post-pandemic economic recovery and growth.

Smartr is using NFTs WELL BEYOND THE PROFIT MOTIVE, as a Powerful and Strategic Tool to Radically Transform Human Lives For The Better. They believe that blockchain technology makes it possible to create a new and much more equitable world economy, one that is able to eliminate the many inequities inherent in the Legacy (OLD) FIAT World Economy, thus making it much easier for the average man, woman or child to build a much better, more abundant LIFE. They also believe that “climate” is not just the environment. Climate is mainly the culmination of all the ecosystem that allows life to happen, and thus, sustainability transformation is all about facilitating a better quality of “LIFE” for humanity on planet earth and that is NOT JUST ABOUT “WEATHER”. Thus, , climate is a “3-Dimensional” (3D) thing, a combination of SOCIAL Climate + ECONOMIC Climate + ENVIRONMENTAL Climate.

What they’re building is a “Sm@rtr® (NEW) Crypto World Economy”, spanning both the physical and digital realms, leveraging Blockchain technology implementations including NFTs, Metaverse, DeFi and Crypto Assets, alongside traditional media like Streaming TV and Live Events. The Sm@rtr® NEW Crypto World Economy environment, is a “Living Lab” for crypto-centric social, economic and environmental sustainability experiments. All stakeholder groups can participate in these experiments that will help to define the future.

However, the biggest challenge they faced, was how to make it easy for the average global citizen to get in NFT-powered commerce, what SMARTR’s founder Robin Belle calls “N-COMMERCE™”. Figuring out how to create and configure even the popular Metamask crypto wallet, is a major challenge for many. People would get frustrated and give up on tying to work with NFTs.

The challenge they faced was that of many other businesses. The adoption of their NFTs by the non-crypto savvy audience. As Smartr wanted to allow collaboration to happen seamlessly between team members, which was a pillar for the success of their project, they needed to have the ability to allow those that want to join the project to onboard with as little friction as possible. This is where our platform directly aligned with their needs. A main goal of ours as, is to help businesses transition their clients into web 3.0 in the simplest and most effective manner possible.


Fortunately, SMARTR’s founder was introduced to by a random LinkedIn connection and Boom… they suddenly had a way to allow the everyday NON-crypto citizens of the world, to simply and easily buy and own NFTs without first having to spend hours trying to figure out how to setup a Metamask or other crypto wallet. They could purchase NFTs in a flash with the same credit and debit cards they were so accustomed to using and they could claim them via a simple web link to get on-demand access to their purchased NFTs on the platform anytime they wanted. Then, when they finally figure out how to setup a crypto wallet to take full possession of their NFTs, the NFTs were always there ready and waiting to be transferred. This was the missing piece of the puzzle for scaling “N-COMMERCE™”, in line with SMARTR’s vision and plan. Choosing to work with and their NFT claiming platform was a no-brainer.

Having designed’s platform around simplicity, with advanced features allowing even non tech savvy users to maximize distribution to as many clients as needed, Smartr was thus able to reach a maximum number of non crypto savvy users. Multiple NFTs could now be distributed via email with a simple click and send interface.

In addition, Smartr found that most platforms weren’t as simple to use and rarely provided the proper guidance and education they needed to support their NFT project, as well as additional guidance and support in their pre-launch phase. Thus, our team became a direct partner in Smartr’s pre-launch journey and provided them with as much assistance possible in increasing the odds of their project being a success, whether it was in direct assistance of minting NFTs, or connecting them to strategic partners that could support them reach their goals.


SMARTR is pleased to see that people are amazed when they find out about their game-changing NFT economic empowerment models, as well as the ease of letting newbies buy NFTs with credit and debit cards. The response is always a big “Wow!”, according to SMARTR founder Robin P. Belle.

Still, there is the issue of scaling awareness of their economic empowerment, “NFT4ImpACT™” NFTS. They’ve found that building a community around a single NFT project is hard; after all, tens of thousands of NFT projects are competing for people’s attention, with more being launched every hour of every day. So how can SMARTR cut through the noisy, cluttered, global NFT marketplace?

So SMARTR decided to address that problem, by building the world’s only NFT MEGA COMMUNITY platform, in the form of what we call a Web3 Global Digital Tech Hub & Co-Working Accelerator DAO.

Not the traditional accelerator program we’re all used to, SMARTR’s program aims accelerate “co-working”, making it easier and faster for NFT teams to Connect, Network and Co-Work in real time, via LIVE video. The result of that, is that teams get faster, easier access to the right strategic partners and investors. SMARTR’s team believes that his 100% digital Tech Hub is also going to be the equivalent of Netflix for Live Web3 Event Sessions, where all Web3 Teams on the platform can bow a time slot and hold their own AMA sessions or Fireside Chats etc., to engage their project’s community, at much lower “cost of reach” than doing an independent event that needs tens of thousands of dollars in marketing to get a significant attendee audience.

So they’ve created the Xtraordinary Value Proposition “MAGNET” necessary to build a huge global “community of NFT communities”

“we’ve got the powerful NFT claiming solution to get our NFTs and those of other impact projects into the hands of “the Masses”… all we need now is to virally spread the word of the amazing new “Sm@rtr® Digital Tech Hub & Co-Working Accelerator DAO, powered by NFTs and the NFT claiming solution.” Robin P. Belle, Founder and CEO SMARTR

Will you help spread the word? When you do so, you are literally facilitating major “NFTs4ImpACT™”.

If you’re a business or brand that finds this content very helpful, and you would like to know how NFTs could apply to your specific business use case, then we’d love to get in contact and show you how to brainstorm and apply NFTs in a manner that is relative to your goals and needs, and reap the maximum benefits of NFTs.