NFT Marketing

Connect With Your Customers in New and Remarkably Effective Ways.

Bypass the platform-centric marketing world of Web2 and reclaim ownership of your digital customer relationships

Unlike other marketing techniques, NFTs provide an opportunity for your customers to own a piece of your brand

NFTs can chronicle a host of real-world consumer experiences, infusing them into our digital lives in ways that are authentic and portable across communities.

Why NFTs?

  1. Attract and excite customers through a new incentive: exclusivity, membership, access, and product experiences
  2. Immerse customers in a community of people with similar interests
  3. Grow the community through engaging customers with benefits to their habits and reward loyalty and participation
  4. Grow customer base by evangelizing people who’ve enjoyed and shared these new, richer experiences
  5. Generate leads: through the initial engagement of customers with the brand’s NFT offering, i.e., the QR code given as part of a promo campaign for a product, the brand can commence a 1-0-1 communication with those engaging through the wallet or another medium (email or SMS) requested in the process
  6. Introduce new products/relaunch old ones or celebrate an event or occasion. Link the event to an NFT offering and attach to that NFT certain benefits for the people that engage with the activity
  7. Raise funds: NFTs can be sold to support a charitable cause, a sustainable project, or a new business.

NFT Platform Features

Upcoming Features

  • Alerts on engagements
  • Audio and Video Formats

  • Open sign-up to everyone

  • Mint a collection with a whitelist where only a specific wallet address can claim each token

Minting Process

How Our Platform Works

Step 1 | Add Your Images

Upload 1 or more images (assets) that will be minted.

Step 2 | Add Recipient info

Add recipient info (e.g. name,phone number, email) associating each NFT with an individual (manually or import an Excel file).

Step 3 | Claim Your NFT

Recipient(s) will receive a link to claim the NFT to their wallet.

What Our Clients Say

“through this project, we wanted to rethink the need to produce an object that we do not use physically but with which we interact permanently in the physical world. We turned to for the accessibility of NFTs and payments in cryptocurrencies. It worked perfectly!”

Raphaël Lutz, Founder and Creative Lead of Studio Raphaël Lutz

“We consider BLOCK.CO’s solution indispensable… simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient.”

Christiana Aristidou, Founder of Christiana Aristidou LLC

“Using BLOCK.COs platform, which allowed us to streamline the entire process: we minted the certificates, automated messages to all qualifying students, claimed the NFT certificates and shared them via all social networks along with their experience regarding our course.”

Demetrios Tseas, Training Manager Institute For the Future (IFF)