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What is Blockchain Credentialing?

Blockchains can be described as data structures with the following inherent attributes:

  • Transparent: All data embedded in the document is available for anyone with access to the public key to review.
  • Immutable: Data relating to a document can only be added on the structure; cannot be altered or removed.
  • Open: The network is open for anyone to participate.
  • Secure: Powered by strong cryptography.

Don’t Trust, Verify!

Our Mission is to eliminate document fraud everywhere, by transforming the way institutions manage digital records.

Our Vision is to develop innovative solutions that address the needs of clients, while remaining at the forefront of technological developments in the sector.

Easy to Use

Issue, revoke or set expiries on secure digital documents with a few clicks, using an intuitive Web interface.


Digital fingerprints of documents are stored on the most secure blockchain to date.


Digital documents that are impossible to falsify.


Remove the need for intermediaries from the process.


Simple automated processes with no need for downloads.


Disseminate secure digital documents in a time-efficient manner.


Issue thousands of secure documents in one click.


Reduce paperwork and workload within your organization.

Future Proof

Self-contained documents and open-source validator make our solution timeless.


Empower recipients with ownership of their documents.


Compliance with all standardization efforts and data privacy laws.


Drive your brand’s awareness through the documents you share online.

Market tested

Thoroughly tested, our technology is leveraging blockchain in a variety of industries world-wide.

No Vendor lock-in

Our solution is based on the principles of decentralization and open-source code, meaning you will never be locked into a specific vendor, wallet or platform.

Dedicated Support

We are committed to success and we are ready to assist you in every step.

Blockchain agnostic

Choice of blockchain according to your needs.

Adding Value to Your Certificate Issuing Processes

The solution that has been tested at scale and with ‘real-life’ users for years




Maria Papadaki photo
Dr. Maria Papadaki, Managing Director, Dubai Center for Risk and Innovation, BUID
Nicolas Ioannides photo

At the University of Nicosia (UNIC), we strongly believe that everyone should have ownership of their personal data which they can share and have authenticated at will. This is why we were the first university in the world to publish all award titles of our graduating students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD) on the blockchain.  All awards issued have been digitized and their electronic fingerprint (“hash”) is added to the public Bitcoin blockchain, a decentralized and distributed digital ledger. This allows our students to present an electronic PDF that can be verified by any third party (e.g. employers or academic institutions) immediately and in a secure manner.

Mr. Nicolas Ioannides, Director of Academic Affairs, University of Nicosia

We consider the BLOCK.CO’s solution indispensable towards our objective of constantly enhancing the provision of our legal services through innovative technological solutions. The protection of copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights now involves a simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient, blockchain-backed certificate issuance. Using blockchain, thereby ensuring a transparent, immutable, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof recording of data, the BLOCK.CO solution offers a revolutionary and innovative means to protect our clients' intellectual property, instead of other time-consuming and costly traditional processes.

Christiana Aristidou, Lead Partner, Technology Lawyer, Digital Transformation Specialist, ISO/TC 307 Blockchain Committee National Delegate, Founder, Christiana Aristidou LLC
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