Step into Web3 with the Scarabeo community

Taking the lead in the arts and culture scene, and sixteen years after opening their doors to host art exhibitions and live performances, the Scarabeo team has decided to step into web3 and is launching their new-age motto #PartyPlayEarnWin to reward the loyal community members with lifetime free access to events!

In the realm of technology, NFTs have become a phenomenon, and their rapid expansion shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. After NFTs enabled a market for digital art, their popularity exploded. Riding this wave, the Scarabeo team launched NFTs collections that build loyalty by offering privileges, gifts, and collectibles, to the owners and elevate the overall experience by granting NFTs in the form of QR codes as rewards to various competitions/games, namely its MoonWalker NFTs.

Through our simple and straightforward platform, we enabled the team to easily mint their assets and automate the entire process. Our versatility also allowed quick adaptability to any arising opportunity. Through this collaboration, we were able to produce ways to access these innovative technologies and contribute to building a better world through the arts.

So, what are these MoonWalker NFTs?

For the first time in Cyprus, the Scarabeo team is launching an NFT exhibition space. For 4 whole days, the exhibition space will open its virtual doors and exhibit NFTs in a darkroom, done by 3 different artists. Join us to enjoy the works done by the designer and visual artist Miklos Kiss, the illustrator and comic book designer Tasos Anastasiades, and the founder of the Black Dog creative agency, Athos Proestos.

An exclusive collection for the first-ever B-UR-NFT crew members, joining us on what promises to be an out-of-this-world experience, starting with a wild ride to the moon. The Scarabeo team is offering a chance to claim the 2000 upcoming NFTs, to reward the whitelist with airdrops.

The attendees and those who register through QR code scanning upon entering will take part in a draw to win Moonwalker NFTs. These NFTs will grant winners in the draft exclusive rewards from Scarabeo, creating a one-of-a-kind event experience that captures people’s interest and inspires them to participate.

If you’re ready to #PartyPlayEarnWin, this is what you can expect!

PHASE 1: Scarabeo – To the Moon // TAKE OFF

The first 20 partygoers/cosmonauts that join the B-UR-NFT crew and fearlessly enter the first ever photo booth rocket for “Take Off” receive their NFT and are rewarded with:

  • Instant whitelist qualification for 1 Silver Beetle airdrop*
  • 7 Lucky Moonwalker NFTs.

PHASE 2: Scarabeo – To the Moon // SPACE JOURNEY

The next 20 B-UR-NFT cosmonauts joining the crew will be decided by a lucky draw of participants and will:

  • Qualify for 1 Silver Beetle airdrop*
  • Earn 4 Lucky Moonwalker NFTs

PHASE 3: Scarabeo – To the Moon // MOON LANDING

The last 10 B-UR-NFT cosmonauts joining the crew will be decided by a lucky draw of participants and will:

  • Qualify for 1 Silver Beetle airdrop*
  • Earn 2 Lucky Moonwalker NFTs

+1 BONUS PHASE: Scarabeo // Moonwalkers

1500 Lucky Moonwalker NFTs will be minted and the entire B-UR-NFT crew will qualify for an airdrop. All remaining minted NFTs will be available to be earned by new-generation party going crew members, via QR code challenges, at upcoming Scarabeo Events and Treasure Hunts.

The first ten of these next-generation B-UR-NFT crew members will: Qualify for Silver Beetle airdrop through lottery*

All second-generation B-UR-NFT members will: Be entitled to participate in lucky draws for Scarabeo gifts and collectibles, vouchers, and Silver Beetle NFTs.

***Silver Beetle NFT holders will:

  • Be granted a free entrance at all Scarabeo events for life
  • Have access to priority reservations at all Scarabeo events for life
  • Be given voting rights to determine the Scarabeo METAVERSE location
  • Participate in all B-UR-NFT lucky draws for free including the super rare “Scarabeo Art Collection” air drops
  • Receive invitations for exclusive private Scarabeo events.

Hurry up and make sure you take part in the first NFT exhibition space in Cyprus while you enjoy 4 Days of unstoppable music with more than 40 of the best and well-known local DJs and Bands.