Blockchain Credentialing

The Only Truly Decentralized Solution to Secure PDF Documents From Fraud Without Intermediaries.

Leverage open-source vPDF technology in the issuance, revocation and validation of self-contained and self-verifiable documents.

Walkthrough demonstration of Credentialing


  • Independence – Vendor independent validation process

  • Simplicity – Intuitive interface for issuing and validation process

  • Longevity – Timeless solution that would outlive the issuing institution itself

  • Efficiency – Solution that reduces manual processes & costs


  • Developed and supported by the pioneers in the space, the University of Nicosia

  • Open-source technology

  • Open Standards – (PDF, Chainpoint)

  • Built on the most secure blockchain to date, the Bitcoin blockchain

  • GDPR-Compliant

  • High availability BaaS application


  • Truly Decentralized (on-chain) Validation/Revocation/Expiration

  • Blockchain agnostic – Multi-chain issuing (Bitcoin or Litecoin available by default)

  • Unique Link and/or QR Code – verify the document instantly & seamlessly with no cost

  • Scalable – Issue in batches with unlimited file sizes

  • Flexible – single cost per issuance or subscription based on your needs

We Partner With

Content Management System Companies

Win clients over by offering them the ability to easily create and issue verifiable, tamper-proof digital documents.

Software Companies

Upgrade your existing products and give peace of mind to your clients for the security of their digital documents with cryptographic blockchain technology.

Document Management System Companies

Gain valuable market share and integrate with our API to offer your clients cutting-edge technology with the ability to eliminate fraud within their digital document processes.

Education Platforms

Leverage our expertise to streamline workflows and ways of verifying authentic or fraudulent certificates within and outside of your organization.

Secure Printing Solution Providers

Remove the hassle of expensive security features or tedious verification processes for your clients.

What Our Clients Say

We have partnered with BLOCK.CO for the launch of our secure Blockchain Paper® technology. The security, functionality and features offered by the BLOCK.CO Blockchain platform, have made the product an instant success with our clients, with over 4m Blockchain Papers® issued on the platform to date. We are continuing our BLOCK.CO collaboration, with the development of several new secure applications in the pipeline.

Kevin Bassett, Director of AST

“We at the British University of Dubai used BLOCK.CO’s blockchain certificates technology with great success for the entire graduating class of 2017. The process of issuing them was smooth and without any problems. BLOCK.CO’s guidance and support were excellent during the implementation phase of the project.”

Dr. Maria Papadaki, Managing Director at the BUiD Dubai Center for Risk and Innovation

“With the help of BLOCK.CO, we were the first university in the world to publish all award titles of our graduating students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.) on the blockchain. All award titles issued are been digitized and their electronic fingerprint (“hash”) is added to the public Bitcoin blockchain, a decentralized and distributed digital ledger. This allows our students to present an electronic PDF that can be verified by any third party (e.g. employers or academic institutions) immediately and in a secure manner.”

Nicolas Ioannides, Director of Academic Affairs at University of Nicosia

“We consider BLOCK.CO’s solution indispensable… simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient.”

Christiana Aristidou, Founder of Christiana Aristidou LLC