About Block.co

Our Story

A spin-off company of the University of Nicosia, global leaders in blockchain education and research and now leading the way into the Metaverse through their Open Metaverse Initiative.

At BLOCK.CO, we have been active in the Blockchain credentialing space for the last three years through our proprietary platform, with over 100 organizations trusting our technology solution and securing to date millions of documents on the Blockchain. Now, as part of the Metaverse Initiative, and powered by its proficiency in this space, BLOCK.CO is advancing its endeavors into NFTs and the Metaverse through its NFT minting platform, built with features and functionality that focus on enabling brands reinforce their identity through a more direct engagement with their audiences.

We are embarking on this journey with the certainty that soon, most businesses will need to adapt their marketing to web 3.0 just like they did with web 2.0. Blockchain technology, and NFTs, will power through traditional methods of consumer engagement, and bring forth new opportunities to enhance customer experience and increase the value of their interaction with the brand. Beyond the hype, NFTs will enable brands to execute that in the best possible way.

Our platform was thus built to be the first that enables brands to do that in the simplest and most effective manner. We want to be the partner of choice for any company wishing to exploit Web3 opportunities for reinforcing its brand identity through a more direct engagement with their audiences.

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