As a result of the recent Coronavirus crisis, academic institutions have come to realize the increased need for digitization and the adoption of technologies that enable remote working. It is essential to move all processes into a digital format and develop a strategy to accommodate the digital environment into all products and processes, both online and offline. Equally important has become the fact that institutions need to ensure trust in any type of documents they issue without the need for their physical presentation or notarization.    

BLOCK.CO’s digital certificate platform can help academic institutions issue academic certificates. Moreover, it can help eliminate document fraud by enabling any third party granted access to a document to independently validate its authenticity.’s initiative to help academic institutions in Cyprus

At BLOCK.CO we enable organizations to securely issue certificates by leveraging Blockchain technology, thus making them tamper-proof and instantly and independently verifiable. With no dependency on any single vendor, while the whole solution is embedded within a PDF file, certificates may be validated by anyone on the Bitcoin blockchain remotely, by uploading the file on one of our online validators.   

We designed our solution with ease of use in mind, so anyone capable of using a PC can run it  

As part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, BLOCK.CO is offering its platform to academic & training institutions in Cyprus for the issuance of the current academic year’s graduate certificates, at no cost. We invite all academic institutions to contact us for more information at +357 70007828 or via email: 

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