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Webinars & Webcast aims to raise awareness about the latest blockchain technology developments and current industry trends and opportunities. These webinars & webcasts are a great opportunity for people with different levels of knowledge, to gain some valuable insights and expand their knowledge base. We are gathering the best professionals in the field, who share their experience in the industry and discuss with us the latest news in their respective expertise! 

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Previous Webinars

Blockchain for the Education industry

19th May 2020 Duration: 60 Min

Blockchain for the Education industry

Remote Learning, Social Distancing and the Certification Case.

Blockchain for The Legal Industry

28th April 2020 Duration: 65 Min

Blockchain for The Legal Industry

How is the Coronavirus crisis making adoption more imminent?

Blockchain Leaders

16th April 2020 Duration: 78 Min

Blockchain Leaders Live

Applications of Blockchain Technology in Combatting Fraud.

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Disrupt Cyprus

15th April 2020 Duration: 58 Min

Disrupt Cyprus Live

How solution can help institutions combat document fraud during the Coronavirus pandemic.

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