2022 Round Up 

From 3D NFTs automation, and whitelisting for NFT claims to support for audio and video files and data analytics. In this blog post we will examine the newly developed features of our platform and how these add value and simplicity for content creators. 

This year was full of notable events both in NFT space and our company. Digital assets experienced bearish trends throughout this year but anyhow managed to deliver a lot of exciting new features to its customers. 

Our platform is the first NFT platform to support brands through a simple interface to bulk mint and disperse NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with gasless claims through email, SMS, QR codes or directly drop into wallets.  

At BLOCK.CO, we help brands in engaging with customers through NFTs, bridging the gap between the adoption of cryptocurrencies, web 3.0 and the metaverse by rewarding loyalty and participation, with an indisputable proof of ownership existing in decentralized networks.  

Dropping NFTs via SMS 

In many cases brands have an extensive list of mobile phone numbers from their audience. Through our platform companies can easily mint NFTs and send a link via SMS for their audience to claim the NFTs directly to their wallet through gasless claims. 

3D NFTs automation 

3D NFTs were supported previously but this involved some manual work in the background from our developers. Now NFTs are easily minted automatically as 3D objects directly on our platform, without any manual processes taking place in the background. Users of our platform can choose a screenshot of the 3D object to be displayed on decentralized marketplaces or wallets that do not support the display of 3D objects at their discretion.  

To do so, simply add the 3D object in the “Select Assets” step, provide a name, a description, and the email address (in case you choose an email drop) that will receive the NFT claim link and click “Next”. For large collections simply click on “import from Excel File” to populate the information after adding the assets as follows: 

All NFTs that are not images need to have an image thumbnail for platforms that do not handle additional file types (e.g., video/audio/3D models). When you add a video or 3D model file, a thumbnail is picked up automatically, but you can choose a different one either by taking a screenshot of the current frame that is displayed or uploading an image to use as thumbnail. 

To change the default screenshot for the NFT preview, simply click on the 3D object preview and then choose how to display the object and click on “Take Screenshot”, or upload a separate image as follows: 

(3D objects are creative commons licensed 3d models)  

Note: All NFTs which contain the same asset file will be updated with the new thumbnail. 


Support for audio and video files  

An exciting new feature for content creators includes the support for audio (MP3, WAV, OGG formats) and video files (MP4, WebM, OGG formats) as NFTs. Producing Music NFTs or Video NFTs has never been easier! 

The process is the same as 3D NFTs in which we upload the files in step 1, and then click on the file image to change the default screenshot for the NFT preview, as follows: 

Alternatively, we can upload a separate image for the preview.  

On the second step, we can specify the Collection name, Collection Symbol, add a description and other options such as specifying whether the NFTs are transferrable or not, applying royalties for secondary market sales of the NFTs and the wallet address that will receive the royalties, limiting the maximum number of NFTs that the collection may have, requesting recipients to verify their email addresses in order to claim the NFT, as well as applying specific Terms and Conditions that the recipient must accept before claiming the NFT. The last part is particularly interesting for managing Intellectual Property Rights related to the NFTs. The Collection Symbol is stored on-chain and will be displayed in blockchain explorer along with the collection’s name. This can have up to 7 characters. 

Whitelisting of Wallet Addresses with Optional Price for NFT purchases 

Besides the gasless claims we previously featured, we have listened to our customers’ requests and have developed a new feature where whitelisted wallets will pay for the transaction fees together with an optional price for their NFTs. This enables our customers to sell their NFTs to wallets that have been whitelisted beforehand for the specific NFTs. This comes particularly in handy when brands provide bounties like whitelisting for promoting the project in exchange for free NFTs, and/or in cases where the community is asked to perform certain tasks to be eligible to buy exclusive NFTs. 

The process is the same as before, with the only difference being that we need to specify which wallet addresses are whitelisted and can indeed claim the NFTs. 

On the second step, the only difference is that we can now set a price for the NFTs together with a wallet address that will be able to withdraw the collected amount from the NFT sales. This optional NFT price tag will be paid by everyone who claims an NFT. The collected amount will stay in the smart contract until the address given below withdraws it to their wallet. Note that if you are minting on Polygon then the price of the NFT will be in the native token MATIC. If you are minting on Ethereum then the price should be set in Ether (ETH). If we set the price to anything other than 0, then we need to specify the withdrawer wallet address. Moreover, we can even specify a separate address for royalties to be paid out to the creator of the NFT. 

One last update is that you can now purchase credits to mint more Collections and NFTs through‘s website with the use of a credit/debit card. View your account billing page inside the platform for more information. 

Get a free trial today by signing up through this link. You can mint a collection of up to 10 NFTs for free and send them to people using any available distribution method such as Email, SMS, QR code or a direct wallet drop.


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