Advanced Features of NFT Platform

Our platform is the first NFT platform to support brands transition into the metaverse through a simple interface to bulk mint and email NFTs (Non-Fungible Tokens) with gasless claims. At, we help brands in engaging with customers through NFTs, bridging the gap between the adoption of cryptocurrencies, web 3.0 and the metaverse by rewarding loyalty and participation, with an indisputable proof of ownership existing in decentralized networks. In this blog post, we will examine the newly developed features of our platform and how these add value and simplicity to the adoption of NFTs by the public.

Some say that NFTs were created to make people get into crypto. Most likely they are not aware of gasless claims of NFTs via email, made possible through’s platform, allowing for claims of NFTs without any cryptocurrency that is usually needed to pay for gas fees. We believe that NFTs are more than a speculative instrument for NFT traders and promoters. NFTs may be a new revenue stream and an engagement tool for brands wishing to build on customers’ loyalty and willingness to buy a part of the brand’s history. The metaverse is a virtual space that allows for life to happen digitally. Everything from shopping to connection is now translated into a virtual experience through the metaverse. Corporate giants have already immersed their brands in the metaverse and offer experiences that may not be repeated in real life.

Advanced Features for Brands

Over the past couple of months, we have upgraded our platform to supply a simple and seamless minting experience for users as well as claimants of NFTs.

We have listened to our customers’ requests, and we have incorporated flexibility to brands when it comes to the amount of NFTs to be minted per collection, by allowing users to add NFTs to the same collection after the first batch has been minted.

We are also excited to announce QR codes for NFT claims. We now provide the choice to brands to download QR codes as a zip file or enable them to obtain an individual QR code with links to claim NFTs. The QR codes may be attached to real-life products granting users the ability to claim their NFT after scanning the QR code and opening a variety of gamification elements to engage with a brand’s community. For example, the QR codes could be used to initiate NFT treasure hunts with prizes for the holders of the NFTs.

Moreover, with our new update, brands are now able to mint directly to wallet addresses of recipients, without having to know their email beforehand. This allows claimants to keep their pseudonymity without revealing their email addresses and enables brands to expand their reach out and use alternative methods of collecting user data, such as Telegram bots.

Allowing NFTs to be transferrable or not is a platform feature specifically developed for issuing NFT credentials. Enabling this choice will allow the recipients of the NFTs to be able to transfer or sell their NFTs to another blockchain address. Disabling it will prevent any transfer of the NFTs. We are immensely proud to have been the first platform in the world to issue academic credentials for the University of Nicosia. You can check the NFT credentials on OpenSea by following this link.

Another feature that was recently implemented involves the application of a limit to the maximum number of NFTs within a collection. This feature enforces a hard limit inside the smart contract, so it is certain that no more NFTs can be minted above that number. This is especially important as it implements the element of scarcity for valued collections. By default, a collection may have any number of NFTs (and you can add as many as you want after creating it). If you wish to add a limit, then enable the option and enter a number to limit the maximum number of NFTs in the collection. Note that you will not be able to add more NFTs than the limit in that case.

Future Updates – Roadmap

In near future versions, we will also be releasing SMS platform functionality, allowing platform users to drop NFTs to mobile phone numbers with an SMS claim link. The link will navigate the users to the NFT claim page to claim their NFT, just like they would with the email link. This provides flexibility to brands to engage with their community just through a mobile phone number, and without any hassle, as all the details and integrations have been handled by

3D NFTs automation is another update we have been working on. Now NFTs will be easily minted as 3D objects directly on our platform, without any manual processes taking place in the background.

Support for audio and video files will aim to unlock the creator economy with NFTs in ways that were not possible until now.

NFT Data analytics on users will supply insights to brands as to how their NFTs are used, shared, sold in marketplaces etc.

Lastly, we are also allocating resources on smart contract development to include customized royalty percentages for artists and content creators.

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