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On the 15th of July, I was fortunate enough to participate (online) in the “Art and Tech Summit: NFTs and Beyond”, organised by Christie’s in New York. #christiesarttech2021.

The imminent launch of our own NFT minting platform, makes our participation in events of such high calibre, imperative.

The speaker line-up was impressive. A mix of artists, creators, collectors, investors, marketeers, and tech specialists foretold that this was going to be enlightening.

And indeed, it was.

In this post, I wish to share some of the quotes from the event that bolstered my belief that NFTs are the present and the future. And moving into this space, is indeed the step in the right direction for to take. Thank you Antonis Polemitis for being an inspiration in this.


Meghan Doyle: Cataloguer, Christie’s Post-War and Contemporary Art Department

“NFTs are a new direction in the trajectory of our history.”

Justin Sun: Founder of TRON

“Controlling all assets through one address is something amazing. Easier to view, to share, to sell. All on a USB.”

Ronnie Pirovino: Art Collector and Curator

“Artists are elevated, not because some “expert” said so, but because of how the audience responds to their work.”

Micah Johnson: Artist (creator of Aku)

“The Community drives progress whilst the technology offers empowerment. The smart contract is part of the art.”

“All community members could be evangelists for the artist’s work.”

“Buying is the new Like-ing.”

Adam Levine: President, Director, and CEO of the Toledo Museum of Art

“There are three criteria in assessing a piece of art:

1. Is it well made?

2. Is it of its time?

3. Is it beautiful?”

Jehan Chu: Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Kenetic Capital

“NFTs create cultural financial inclusion.”

“They are a new chapter of history. “Machine Art”. The art is only possible because the artist engages with machine.”

Matt Hall: Co-Founder of Larva Labs

“Cryptopunks is a contract which includes a community.”

Spencer Gordon: VP of Digital and draftLine, Anheuser-Busch(makers of Stella Artois)

“The Brand needs to send the same type of messaging and imagery in both the real world and the metaverse. But the way you show up should be different. You should try to figure out different angles.”

Nick Tran: Global Head of Marketing, TikTok

“NFTs create new ways to bring more control and ownership to people that create things.”

“Being first does not matter. Listening to the community is what does. Stick to the core values of that community. Make sure they are being served.”

Paul Budnitz: Founder and CEO of Superplastic

“NFTs include the Blockchain as part of the art form.”

“Look at the story behind the NFT like you look at the story behind Cryptos. That is what makes the difference. Do not just throw stuff out. Create a narrative around the NFT.”

Mike Novogratz: Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Galaxy Digital

“Bubbles always happen around things that fundamentally change the world.”

“NFTs are still preschool. In 10yrs everything will be NFTs. i.e. Health records.”

“The Metaverse is not built yet. It is still first innings.”

“Spaces get relevant because smart people move in. Exactly what is happening with NFTs now.”

“It takes a lot of courage for known artists like Damien Hirst to risk their name and reputation in something so new.”

“How does art get valued? It is the collection of people saying it is valuable.”

“Internet and NFTs have enabled the faster creation of communities. More people, more demand, higher price.”

“AR glasses will make NFTs more relevant and usable.”

“NFTs create a shift of power from the businessman to the creator.”

“There will be regulatory pull back to protect the little guy. That is when institutional money will pour in.”

Alissa Aulbekova and Paula Sello: Creative Director & Co-Founder of Auroboros

“Fashion is about experiencing and that is what the Metaverse is.”

“The storytelling is important in opening up the community.”

“There’s a cross-collaboration between designers/creators. It needs to be an ideology, a narrative.”

“AR glasses will be the crosslink between the two worlds.”

“Spending as much craft in the digital world as in the physical is what makes fashion NFTs valuable.”

Jamie Lewis: CEO & Co Founder, Ioconic

“It is important for brands to understand that NFTs are not Crypto.”

Keith Grossman: President, TIME

“The technology will be transformative to client and community relationships.”

“It is like being on the invincible bridge in the Indiana Jones film. You just need to have faith and keep going!”

Greg Cross: Co-Founder and CBO, Soul Machines

“There is a benefit in using digital people to help us interact with brands, like learning how to bake a cookie. Digital people do not judge us, which makes the experience more enjoyable.”

Refik Anadol: Media Artist and Director, Refik Anadol Studio

“Data is a form of memory. Minting memory is what NFTs do. Can data become a pigment? Blockchain can perhaps enable that.”

Scott Lawin: CEO and COO of Candy Digital, Inc.

“NFTs are looking for the content vertical parallel to Crypto.”

“Being a fan is about your identity. The innovation is how that fan experience is reflected in the digital space.”

“The idea behind being a collector of sport-related digital assets is how the performance of the athlete reflects on the value of the NFT.”

Alex Atallah: Co-founder and CTO, Opensea

“With NFTs community becomes an artists’ career.”

The journey we are about to embark on promises to be an auspicious and dynamic one.

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