is excited to announce its new partnership with the University of Central Asia.’s journey began in 2014 when the University of Nicosia identified a need for secure and self-verifiable documents. A growing market in forged documents and the vulnerability of certification documents in the face of manmade and natural disasters meant a solution was increasingly necessary.

The UCA, a constantly developing university, embraced’s solution for Digital Documents verification through blockchain technology. This well tested solution provides ownership or personal data, eliminates document fraud, and minimizes administration costs.

Students will no longer need to worry about the verification and the validity of their academic certificates because they and their possible future employers can easily verify their authenticity with a simple click.

The documents produced are 100% self-contained and self-verifiable, meaning they contain both the blockchain proof and data within the document, without the need to install additional software or apps for verification. This allows for an independent verification of the document’s authenticity through the open-source validator, making the solution truly decentralized and timeless, ensuring vendor independence.

All content and personal data is stored off-chain for maximum privacy, while the encrypted information that is stored on the blockchain, compliments the data privacy guidelines, and empowers recipients with ownership of records. With its on-chain revocation process, expired or revoked documents leave a complete audit trail ensuring transparency and trust.

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