Enable the issuance of digital certificates anchored to the Blockchain assuring immutability, and security.


  • Independence - Vendor independent validation process
  • Simplicity - Intuitive interface for issuing and validation process
  • Longevity - Timeless solution that would outlive the issuing institution itself
  • Efficiency - Solution that reduces manual processes & costs


  • Developed and supported by the pioneers in the space, the University of Nicosia
  • Open-source technology
  • Open Standards - (PDF, Chainpoint)
  • Built on the most secure blockchain to date, the Bitcoin blockchain
  • GDPR-Compliant
  • High availability BaaS application


  • Truly Decentralized (on-chain) Validation/Revocation/Expiration
  • Blockchain agnostic - Multi-chain issuing (Bitcoin or Litecoin available by default)
  • Unique Link and/or QR Code - verify the document instantly & seamlessly with no cost
  • Scalable - Issue in batches with unlimited file sizes
  • Flexible - single cost per issuance or subscription based on your needs

Extra Features Include

  • Simple WebApp accessible from any browser – No app needed

  • Easy and secure API integration with existing legacy systems

  • Verification of issuers

  • Branded Document Verification Portals

  • Cryptocurrency Management

  • Unlimited administrator seats with permissions

  • Complex search and filtering for previous issuances

  • Versatile, selective document hosting, cloud or private server

  • Data entries may contain information from the past

  • Document Design Services

  • Issuance management including data hygiene

  • Administrator training

  • Tailored on-boarding with dedicated account manager

  • Support by phone and email

  • Free Consultation – No time limit

  • Coming Soon: Multiple files types including audio and video

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