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Enable the issuance of digital certificates anchored to the Blockchain assuring immutability, and security.



  • Independence - Validation process independent of the issuing institution
  • Longevity - Solution that would outlive the issuing institution itself
  • Simplicity - Technically simple issuing and validation process
  • Security - Solution that would protect against fake certificates
  • Efficiency - Solution that would reduce manual processes & costs


  • Built by the pioneers in the space with the most experience
  • Open source technology
  • The easiest to understand and adopt
  • Built on the most secure blockchain to date (Bitcoin Blockchain)
  • Versatility, feature-full
  • Supported by proven professionals and top academics


  • Decentralized validation process
  • No limit as to size of metadata that can be added on certificate
  • Certificates can be issued in batches
  • Covers the needs of any certificate issuing organization
  • Straight forward web interface
  • Ability to revoke
  • Certificates can have an expiry date

How it Works


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Indeed, we do. We in fact consider this as a must for us to also get a better understanding of your company’s specific needs, requirements, and structure, so that we can deliver a product that best fits your profile.

Any institution, may it be a government, a local authority, any corporation or academic institution that issues certificates that wish to have an enhanced level of security and immutability.

The way we have designed our product where multiple certificates are hashed together, enables us to issue an unlimited number of documents per batch.

We insert the metadata transaction ID and the Merkle proof back to certificate once the transaction is complete.

Expiration dates can be set during the issuance phase as part of the embedded metadata. Therefore, when the validity period lapses, the verification process will indicate that the certificate has expired.

Indeed. We have developed a methodology whereby certificates can be revoked in case there is a need for that.

Any already issued certificate has no ongoing dependence on Block.co. These records are anchored on the blockchain that recipients own for a lifetime.

No. Block.co makes it easy to anchor records on a blockchain and manages the transaction fees for you behind the scenes.

Yes, but extra charges will be levied and maintenance will have to be done internally.

Indeed. The product allows you to brand your records however you see fit.

It has proved over the years to be the most secure blockchain.

We feel there is not much to gain by using Ethereum blockchain.

All configuration work will be carried out by us, but we will, however, require a contact person in your IT department to work with during the setup/configuration process and also for any account maintenance work.

No. Our issuing system is a web-based application and can be used by anyone with basic administrative skills.