Your Guide to’s Platform allows for the creation of Blockchain-based digital certificates, ensuring consistency and security. We take pride in being able to offer a fully decentralized solution for protecting PDF documents from fraud without the use of intermediaries.

We want to provide our clients with ease and efficiency of use. This is why our platform is based on a clear interface starting with a login page where the user can insert the account credentials that provides, to log in to the application.


Once you are successfully logged in, you can issue your documents on our platform on the “New issuance” page. The platform is very user-friendly, it requires the user only to drag-and-drop the required documents. The issuance is customizable, you can insert the issuance name, description, expiration date and even a desired QR code within the document. Once your documents are uploaded, they will be processed on the platform in order to be published on the blockchain and create the self-verifiable version of your documents.

Within a few minutes our platform will issue your documents with the provided data anchored on the blockchain, which you will be able to download.


Once you issue a self-verified document, it can be validated in three different ways:

A. By validating the digital document in a web validator.

B. By scanning the QR code of a printed document.

C. By publishing a link of the validated document on a social media platform, or by forwarding the link to someone for them to click on and validate the document. has developed a web validator that can be added to any website with little effort. In order to validate a self-verified digital document, you must visit our validator, simply drag-and-drop your document and it will assure that document was issued by


If something is wrong with the document, for instance it contains wrong data or errors -we can revoke the whole batch of documents or a single document. In this case, the validator will declare the document invalid, since it has been revoked.

Keep in mind that our platform gives you an option to send the issued documents directly to the recipients via email.

Use and take control of all the processes of issuing your self-verifiable, secure, immutable documents!

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