What Differentiates Block.co from its Centralized Competitors?

Block.co is the ONLY truly decentralized solution to secure PDF documents from fraud without intermediaries. Unlike many digital credentialing solutions that are 100% centralized and may act as a single point of failure, the principle of data protection in Block.co’s solution is initially sewn into decentralization and blockchain technology. Block.co  utilizes the power of the public Bitcoin blockchain where anyone can openly verify the audit trail. This makes the issuance and revocation of documents decentralized and therefore changes the idea of trust, making it much more secure.

Simplicity is key. Block.co offers an easy, intuitive medium of exchange – Self Verifiable PDFs. Our solution is web-based and does not require any software downloads, updates, or special training. You can easily manage or view your digital document as with any PDF files and verify easily just by Drag’n’Droping the file in the online validator.

Efficiency in processes is also very important. We reduce costs by having a solution that can scale allowing you to issue thousands of certificates in a single transaction. It, therefore, enables the issuing of millions of certificates per batch and gives a clear advantage over centralized solutions.

Immutability through blockchain technology. Block.co is unique in having Blockchain as a solution which is a digital ledger of transactions that are stored in a network of computers (nodes) rather than in one central location and without a single entity controlling the entire network. Since the blockchain does not have a central node where data is generated (and the trace of all transactions is stored on thousands of computers), it is almost impossible to change this data when it enters the system. There is not a single authority structure that could change the information.

As the company solution is based on open-source (Verifiable PDFs), any document issued will be vendor-independent and anyone can download and run the code to verify a document, even if Block.co ceases to exist.

Blockchain has brought us reliable and secure data exchange in the digital world. Until now, we have had to always trust the authorities, institutions, or firms (such as banks, agencies, companies), which vouched for this trust with their reputation. But thanks to Blockchain technology and Block.co trust becomes part of the system itself. Don’t Trust, Verify!

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