Optimizing Healthcare with Blockchain Technology

The healthcare industry is faced with accumulative issues regarding patients’ data protection and ineffective practices. These are some of the most common issues, which should be solved with efficient and innovative solutions and lead to increased patient health and trust. Blockchain technology offers many benefits in securing the transfer of medical records as well as the effective, secure medicine supply chain, medical certification licenses, resulting in the better care for the patients.

Many countries have adopted blockchain technology in their healthcare system already. Estonia is an example of a country which uses blockchain technology for the protection of patients’ data. Security of patient data can be characterized as the most important blockchain application. According to research between 2017 and 2019 more than 176 million patient records were unprotected in data breaches. Blockchain is decentralized and transparent therefore it can secure the patient’s medical information while maintaining the identity of a person private. At the same time, its decentralized nature enables doctors and healthcare professionals to share patient’s information when needed, quicker, eliminating timely processes.

Medical Professional Credentialing and Licensing

False degrees or fake university transcripts with unqualified people working as doctors would be put in the past with the use of blockchain.  With the adoption of blockchain in the healthcare industry, degrees and other certifications can be verified for their authenticity almost instantly.

Better Patient Care

Through blockchain technology, we can create a single system in which the patient’s records are stored and can be updated anytime. Through this process the level of security is higher, thus the miscommunication between different workers is eliminated. Mistakes are avoided by personalizing each patient’s treatment and care.

Upgrading the Pharmaceutical Supply Chain

The Pharmaceutical supply chain is highly fragmented. The specific supply chain includes many wholesalers, providers, clinics/hospitals, and the patients. Many issues can occur in this chain, the most common being safety, quality, and the administration of medical treatments. Issues such as counterfeit medication and data can be addressed using blockchain technology, leading to better safety and security in every step.

Block.co’s Solution

Block.co with its decentralized nature can provide solutions to the above problems and to any fraud through blockchain technology, making the healthcare industry safer and more effective for patients and workers as well. Talk to our experts today and find out all the use cases in which Block.co can help you in the Healthcare industry.

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