Every single day we read articles related to the adoption of blockchain technology by big companies, governments, and non-profit organizations. There is no doubt that 2021 will be the year of blockchain! Blockchain is the core technology of Block.co, a Cypriot-based company with the goal to eliminate document fraud. Block.co is pleased to welcome its new partner Moebius Limited, a company that aims to solve everyday business problems by providing customizable software modules to its clients. Moebius offers an integrated system, comprised of a range of modules, with each module carefully crafted to deliver practical solutions for specific business needs. The Block.co and Moebius partnership is a win-win collaboration as both companies aim to improve processes, ensure compliance, and eradicate fraud!

Moebius excels in identifying ways to secure customers’ information and data, reducing businesses costs while increasing organizational efficiency. Moebius solutions provide Corporate Management for business services providers, Legal Management for lawyers and legal practices, Document Management for any business, and Compliance Management for regulated businesses. Moebius provides robust business management software, ideal for law firms, fiduciary, and corporate service providers.

Moebius is now embracing blockchain technology by incorporating Block.co’s solution into its Document Management product and offering its clients the ability to secure digital documents from within the software. This seamless provision of the service enables users to verify documents stored in Moebius using the Block.co solution without having to leave the software and login into a separate and less secure service for their processes. Moebius will employ Block.co’s API and utilize the underlying security of the Bitcoin blockchain to secure documents, by placing a digital fingerprint of the document as part of a bitcoin transaction, essentially anchoring the proof of authenticity on the blockchain. Block.co stores all content and personal data off-chain for maximum privacy, while the digital fingerprint that is stored on the blockchain, complements the data privacy guidelines, and empowers recipients with ownership of records.

Don’t Trust, Verify with Block.co to ensure security, immutability, and compliance:

· Decentralized validation process independent of issuing institution

· Simple issuing and validation process — Easy integration and User-Friendly

· Efficient solution to automate processes, reduce human errors and costs

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