Webcast Insights — Intellectual Property Rights & Blockchain Solutions for Book Publishing

Block.co’s latest live webcast “Intellectual Property Rights & Blockchain Solutions for Book Publishing” was extremely successful as it gathered viewers from 36 countries. The aim of the live discussion was to shed light on how blockchain and DLT will shape the Intellectual Property Rights and Publications Industries. Questions such as how are academic institutions, publishers, and producers impacted by the introduction of blockchain technology in managing IP, were answered during the webcast.

Hosted by Byron Russell, Director of Woodstock Publishing Services, the webinar featured three panelists, Jane Tappuni, Business Development Lead at Pottermore Publishing, Alexis Nicolaou CEO of Block.co, Phill Jones Co-Founder of MoreBrains Consulting Cooperative. The subject of discussion was the implementation of blockchain technology in the publishing sector.

The session was kicked off by Alexis Nicolaou, who has a vast experience in business applications of blockchain technology, briefly explaining what blockchain is and how it works. He summarized the definition in one sentence “Blockchains represent a trade-off in which disintermediation is gained at the cost of confidentiality”. The main advantages of blockchain are, in his opinion, transparency and immutability. Among the other benefits Alexis Nicolaou listed are security, reliability, decentralization, and reduction of costs.

Phill Jones with a background in academia and scholarly publishing, provided his views regarding the implementation of new technologies, specifically blockchain technology, in the publications industry.

“I personally see possibilities for implementing blockchain for the protection of the integrity of datasets especially in areas that are targets of bad actors, like environmental science, academic CVs and many more” he stated. Phil Jones, is a firm believer that people tend to overestimate the short-term impact of technology and underestimate its long-term value, and that this is the case with blockchain technology.

Jane Tappuni was the last panelist to provide her insights. Jane has worked in the publishing industry for over 20 years and has also worked in publishing houses and software service companies that support the publishing Industry. “With blockchain, everyone will be able to track their own creations’ and have visibility over them” she stated. She also added that blockchain can be extremely helpful with IP management, assets management and especially around global asset management, as all these are the heart of the transformation process.

Byron Russell has worked in publishing for over thirty years, and for the past twenty years he has been involved in the business development of publishing platforms and learning management systems. He noted that one of the big problems in the industry is that a lot of society publishers, particularly the smaller ones and the University presses, face issues with time management and staffing, and that technology will play a major role in improving the landscape.

We would like to thank everyone for attending our webcast and hope to interact with you in future webinars. If you would like to watch the webcast again, click here!

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