After the success of’s webinars in the year 2020, we are happy to invite you to our sixth LIVE webcast: Intellectual Property Rights and Blockchain Solutions for Book Publishing.

Time: 27th January 2021, 15:00 GMT

This webcast will shed light on how blockchain and DLT are shaping the Intellectual Property Rights and Publications Industries. This is a great opportunity for people of different levels to expand their knowledge base, and get a grasp of how technological innovation is disrupting their industry. How are academic institutions, publishers, producers impacted by the introduction of blockchain technology in managing IP? Join the webcast to get all the answers! CEO, Alexis Nicolaou is joined by the international Publication experts Mr. Byron Russell (Director of Woodstock Publishing Services Ltd.), Mrs. Jane Tappuni (Business Development Lead at Pottermore Publishing), and Mr. Phill Jones (Director for Digital and Technology at the MoreBrains cooperative) to discuss the enormous potential of Blockchain technology for Intellectual Property Rights.

Join us for a free 60-minute session and gain insights by talking with four highly distinguished experts. Participants will receive their own digital self-verifiable certificate of attendance, anchored on the blockchain.

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