Create 1-on-1 Customer Engagement at Scale Like Never Before.

Engage your customers, build loyalty and increase sales, with the most efficient solution in the market for bulk minting and distributing NFTs.

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Boost customer loyalty and increase sales.

Leverage the power of NFTs by doing what you do best, and let us handle all the technical aspects.

Work with us to come up with a custom NFT marketing campaign

  • Upload your assets to be minted as NFTs
  • Import your customer contact list

  • Send the NFTs to your customers with one click

Fully scalable and flexible.

Easily manage and run multiple NFT campaigns to multiple custom audiences.

  • Mint multiple NFT collections in batches
  • Deliver NFTs in multiple ways like email, SMS, QR code or direct to wallet

  • Segment your audience and run custom campaigns

No need to deal with crypto wallets.

We do it on your behalf while you retain full ownership.

  • Your NFT issuing wallet is created and managed by us
  • Each customer gets a unique QR code or link so they can easily claim their NFT at no cost

  • Simple and flexible pricing model

Utilize the true value of NFTs

We are uniquely positioned to guide and support you through the entire process of creating, setting up, launching and managing your NFT marketing campaign.

NFT Campaign

Our team of experts will help you come up with an NFT campaign that best fits your brand. We will support you through the entire creative process, from brainstorming to concept creation and finalization, that will result in a bespoke solution that speaks to your customers.


Simply choose how the NFTs will be distributed to your customers (email, SMS, QR-code or direct-to-wallet), upload the assets to be minted as NFTs, and associate each with one or more recipients. Once sent, you can monitor the claiming process with customizable reports.

Launch Support

We support your marketing team before, during and after the launch of your campaign, ensuring that the best decisions are made at every stage. We additionally educate your team on web3 applications, NFT marketplaces, NFT technical standards and use cases.


Assets Secured

We have to date secured millions of documents on the Blockchain through our Credentialing platform.


Countries Supported

We have served tens of thousands of people from around the world through our international client base.

What Our Clients Say

“through this project, we wanted to rethink the need to produce an object that we do not use physically but with which we interact permanently in the physical world. We turned to for the accessibility of NFTs and payments in cryptocurrencies. It worked perfectly!”

Raphaël Lutz, Founder and Creative Lead of Studio Raphaël Lutz

“Using BLOCK.COs platform, which allowed us to streamline the entire process: we minted the certificates, automated messages to all qualifying students, claimed the NFT certificates and shared them via all social networks along with their experience regarding our course.”

Demetrios Tseas, Training Manager Institute For the Future (IFF)

“We consider BLOCK.CO’s solution indispensable… simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient.”

Christiana Aristidou, Founder of Christiana Aristidou LLC

We have partnered with BLOCK.CO for the launch of our secure Blockchain Paper® technology. The security, functionality and features offered by the BLOCK.CO Blockchain platform, have made the product an instant success with our clients, with over 4m Blockchain Papers® issued on the platform to date. We are continuing our BLOCK.CO collaboration, with the development of several new secure applications in the pipeline.

Kevin Bassett, Director of AST

“With the help of BLOCK.CO, we were the first university in the world to publish all award titles of our graduating students (Bachelor’s, Master’s, Ph.D.) on the blockchain. All award titles issued are been digitized and their electronic fingerprint (“hash”) is added to the public Bitcoin blockchain, a decentralized and distributed digital ledger. This allows our students to present an electronic PDF that can be verified by any third party (e.g. employers or academic institutions) immediately and in a secure manner.”

Nicolas Ioannides, Director of Academic Affairs at University of Nicosia

“We at the British University of Dubai used BLOCK.CO’s blockchain certificates technology with great success for the entire graduating class of 2017. The process of issuing them was smooth and without any problems. BLOCK.CO’s guidance and support were excellent during the implementation phase of the project.”

Dr. Maria Papadaki, Managing Director at the BUiD Dubai Center for Risk and Innovation

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