5th June — World Environment Day

World Environment Day is celebrated every year on June 5th across the globe. The main goal is to create awareness and intensify the activities of the world community aimed at creating a sustainable future and maintaining balance in nature.

On this day in 1972, the United Nations Conference on the Human Environment held in Stockholm resulted in the creation of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP). The UN contends that only international cooperation can guarantee the further safe development of the planet. However, at Block.co we believe that it is also important to implement these ideas at the level of corporations, companies, organizations as well as at a state level, in order to be able to contribute and realize the importance of environmental protection.

At Block.co we believe that trees are the lifelines and lungs of Earth. They are God’s best creation and one of the most efficient ways to combat global warming. Therefore, on such a wonderful occasion, let’s take at least one step to preserve the environment. We invite you to support our campaign “Save Paper, Save Trees, Save Planet” and to stop using paper for at least one day and collect the used papers for recycling. By performing this one simple action for one day, on the 5th of June can make a difference! The celebration of this date will remind us of the possibility of development without harming the environment for a secure and prosperous future.

Let’s 𝑅𝐸IMAGINE, 𝑅𝐸CREATE, 𝑅𝐸STORE and make peace with nature together!

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