Ecosystem’s Statement

Who we are. We are BLOCKCO LTD a limited liability company registered in Cyprus. We are frontrunners in offering blockchain solutions for business use and implementation. We have developed the BLOCK.CO NFT Minting Platform to help our business clients to realize the potential of NFTs and manage the transition to the Metaverse.

What is the BLOCK.CO NFT Minting Platform. the BLOCK.CO NFT Minting Platform is a tool with which brands can offer relevant NFTs to their communities in an engaging, novel, and innovative way. We provide the business solution to ensure a smooth and seamless process for our clients. The BLOCK.CO NFT Minting Platform is the business tool that aims at, or ensures:

1. the growth of our business clients/brands;
2. the use of a secure, immutable, trusted, fast, and efficient technology for the execution of all transactions;
3. the creation of a close, reinforcing, strong, trusted, and engaging relationship between our business clients/brands and their clients/end-users via a user-friendly and innovative technology-based interface and platform;
4. the rethinking of the way brands interact with their clients/end-users;
5. the provision of unique brand experiences to end-users;
6. laying the foundations for the transition to Metaverse for both our business clients/brands and the end-users.

We abide by fundamental principles. We developed the BLOCK.CO NFT Minting Platform and conduct our business based on, and inspired by, what we consider our fundamental principles and core values. These principles and values are driving forces behind our business vision and operations.

We describe some of these to give you an idea of who we truly are.

Compliance with law and internationally recognized standards for our business products/services and our operations. It is important for us to comply with our legal and regulatory obligations, to offer a compliant space for our business clients’ interactions, while following the best practices and standards to ensure security and true value-creation for our clients.
Commitment to technological innovation. We use blockchain as a viable, sustainable, and desirable business tool. We believe that blockchain and other innovative technology may be used in many business processes, and we materialize this potential through our solutions.
• We are frontrunners in the transition to the Metaverse and the growth of the NFT market.
• Use of blockchain to offer solutions that enjoy security, immutability, evidence-based record-keeping, transparency, and a high level of trust.
• Support open, engaging, meaningful and transparent relationships between brands and everyone facilitated by the use of blockchain.
Social inclusion and ease of accessibility. All anyone needs is an email! And they are immediately connected to the brand.
• Support freedom of expression.
• Emphasis on research and systematic review and development of blockchain. As a University of Nicosia spin-off, we appreciate and engage with the latest research material on blockchain to implement it to our business solutions.
• Respect the business value of brands and their intellectual property. We acknowledge the commercial significance of the intellectual property and brand experience, and we are committed to protect and promote it.
Committed to environmental sustainability. We understand that business solutions in this day and time must be environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our blockchain-based solutions are tailored to this objective.
• Create value for the common good. We aim at the growth of innovation as something that benefits society.