The Block.co team comes from the Blockchain Initiative at the University of Nicosia (UNIC). UNIC is, the leading university globally in the digital currency and blockchain field. The University was the earliest university to consider blockchain technology as a fundamental technological breakthrough with significant financial and societal impact and selected it as one of its three interdisciplinary priorities across all schools and departments of the university. In particular, the objective is to help students, businesses and governments develop a spherical view of the technical, business, legal and societal implications of cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies in order to help build a better future. In this spirit, UNIC has constantly broken new ground in academia, being the first university in the world to:

  1. Teach a university-level course on cryptocurrency (January 2014)
  2. Offer an academic degree program – a Master of Science in Digital Currency – taught online in English (March 2014)
  3. Have graduated students from an academic degree program (June 2016, June 2017)
  4. Accept Bitcoin for tuition for any degree program at the university (October 2013)
  5. Issue academic certificates onto the Bitcoin blockchain, using its own in-house software platform (September 2014) for the first cohort of the first MOOC (massive open online course) in crypto-currencies globally, and every one of the six cohorts since then. This year, we are expanding the issuance of certificates to all the programs of the University, starting with the Spring 2017 graduates. This will mark the first ever University-wide issuance of certificates in a blockchain.

Our initial method has been steadily evolving to a more comprehensive and expansive process that has led to a standard for the massive issuance and verification of certificates of all types globally. Powered by the University of Nicosia’s research and blockchain experts, we continue adding knowhow and seek out collaborations with the world’s top experts and leading business organizations.

Our mission, is to expand the opportunities presented in blockchain credentialing and make the world’s certificates safer from fraud, easier to issue, validate and verify, and easy to communicate.