After the success of BLOCK.CO’s first webinar on the Blockchain in the legal industry, wcontinue to strive to educate the community on the latest technology trends and opportunities related to blockchain. BLOCK.CO’s first webcast exceeded everyone’s expectations! We gathered 411 participants from 47 different countries, for a 1-hour webcast where guests discussed and provided answers to participants’ questions. Attendees also received a self-verifiable digital Certificate of Attendance as proof that they attended the session. Any questions that remained unanswered due to time limitationsreceived a personalized reply in their email. You can check some of the unanswered questions here.

Our second webcast “Blockchain in Education: Remote Learning, Social Distancing, and the Certification Case” aims to do just that. We are happy to have Catalina Castro – an international specialist in cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin, and open blockchains – as our host! Together with Tech con Catalina we will have a chance to hear the insights of the Executive Director of the Institute For the Future (IFF) – Professor George Giaglis and Managing Director at the BUiD Dubai Center for Risk and Innovation – Dr. Maria Papadaki. Our guests are highly-valued professionals in their fields and have rich experience in the blockchain industry, which they are happy to share with us during this webcast.  

On the 19th of May, 20:30 EEST we will be looking into the effects of social distancing oremote learning. We will also discuss the potential of blockchain technology to help organizations in the post-pandemic environment and how companies should adapt to the new industry trends. We will be happy to gather blockchain enthusiasts and provide our attendees with digital certificates of attendance. These certificates will be anchored on the most robust and secure computer network globally, the Bitcoin blockchain. 

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