Become a Master NFT Marketer

Throw out all the complexity, and understand exactly what you need to do and how to do it in the most effective and simplest way possible

Hi Marketer,
Are you finding it difficult to understand NFTs and NFT marketing?Have you heard so much about NFT sales, and how big brands like CocaCola and others are using NFTs to engage their customers, increase their brand experience, and generate more sales?Do you still find it hard to confidently market NFTs for your clients? In short, you’ve heard so much about it, but you’re not yet sure how to go about it.
If that’s you, you’ve come to the right place

Quickly Master NFT Marketing

We won’t just simplify it for you,We’ll tell you exactly what you need to know technically about NFTs AS A MARKETER, NOT AN ENGINEER!
Then, we’ll tell you exactly how brands are using NFTs to:● Increase customer engagement● Build brand loyalty● Increase brand experience● Generate tons of new revenue● And more
And, we’ll tell you exactly how you can do it, step by step, so you can practically implement it to your existing and future brands.

Who We Are?

We’re BLOCK.CO, a company founded by the University of Nicosia, a leader in the blockchain and NFT space

Our mission is to help brands transition into NFT marketing and the metaverse in the easiest way possible. We want you to establish a presence in the open metaverse by easily minting NFTs and bulk mailing them to your clients in a few clicks.

And we do it through 2 main things:1) Help marketers remove the confusion surrounding blockchain, the metaverse, and NFTs2) Simplify your NFT marketing, by using the simplest and most effective tool on the web.

The Tool

Step 1 | Simple minting and claiming process for issuer and buyer.

Drag and drop image, audio or video file and mint it with a press of a button, simply and easily, without any specialized knowledge.

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Step 2 | Send claim link

Instantly send the NFT to your client right after minting it on the platform. This allows the claimant of the NFT to enjoy the product experience immediately, while it also allows the creator to reach out to a non-crypto or NFT relevant audience, without a need to engage with crypto or any wallet downloads, simply via email.

We Understand Exactly What You Need

We believe that everything that can be digitized will be digitized as we transition into the realm of the metaverse. However, a lot of brands are facing challenges with the complexities of the technologies associated with NFTs such as wallets, cryptocurrencies, and dropping the NFTs to their clients.
And, when you make the decision to enter a space that is so nascent and technology-dependent/driven, you want to make sure you are partnering with people that have the right skills and experience to assist you to make that leap as seamlessly as possible and achieve the best results possible. Our platform was developed especially for people with little or no knowledge about NFTs, crypto, or e-wallets, helping them transition into the metaverse.  

What We Do

We have been working with Blockchain technology for many years now, advising on the implementation of innovative technologies in business.  

We understand all technical, legal and operational complexities. 

We are part of a global Open Metaverse Initiative launched by the pioneers in the space, UNIC.  

We handle all the crypto aspects for our clients.   




  • Is it expensive?  

    Not at all! Considering the minting costs associated with the Ethereum blockchain currently, our solution utilizes Layer 2 scaling solutions and specifically Polygon, previously known as MATIC blockchain, increasing our minting capabilities by orders of magnitude! Depending on the amount of NFTs or collections you would like to mint, you could reach significant economies of scale and discounts!

  • What about gas fees?  

    Gas fees are beyond our control and are associated with each network scaling capacity and output. We assume all gas fee associated costs, so that you, the client, will only have a fixed price to pay for NFTs and collections. Users claiming the NFTs from our platform, will not be faced with any gas fees as they would normally be. All is taken care of by us, seamlessly on the backend of our platform.

  • Where are the NFTs stored?  

    We use IPFS for storage as well as Amazon Web Services for practicality while keeping our eye out for alternative solutions such as Arweave and Filecoin. 

  • Do I need a wallet? 

    NFTs do require a web3 wallet to be claimed and provide proof of ownership of that NFT. A wallet allows users to manage cryptocurrency and digital assets. The wallet can be online, offline, or on a physical device and enables the safekeeping of private keys, sending or receiving assets.