Publications - IPR

Patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, along with copyrights, are all types of intellectual property protections that help creators of written stories, inventions, artistic works, or symbols to stop people from stealing or copying their pieces of work. With, the protection of copyright and other relevant intellectual property rights now involves a simple, fast, automated, and cost-efficient, blockchain-backed certificate issuance. Using blockchain, thereby ensuring a transparent, immutable, secure, time-stamped, and tamper-proof recording of data, the solution offers a revolutionary and innovative means to protect your clients’ intellectual property, instead of other time-consuming and costly traditional processes.” Your clients retain ownership and control of their data, having been granted easy access to a self-verifiable blockchain-secured certificate of such data. Evidence of Creatorship and registration of Intellectual Property Rights may be issued within a self-contained and self-verifiable digital document, proving their authenticity without intermediaries, anywhere with an internet connection. With the unique link and/or QR code accompanying the documents, one can instantly verify the authenticity of the certificates in the most cost-effective way. 

Examples include: 

  • Evidence of Creatorship and Provenance Authentication 
  • Registering & Validating Intellectual Property Rights 
  • Providing evidence of genuine and/or first use in trade and commerce 
  • Trade Secrets, Source Code, methods, prototypes, formulas, lab results, specifications, recipes 
  • Technology Transfer Agreements