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About Us was created through a proactive initiative of the University of Nicosia to issue secure and self- verifiable credentials using blockchain. Being on the forefront of this technology and launching the 1st Master’s degree globally in Digital Currencies and Blockchain technology in 2014, UNIC identified the potential of blockchain in the reliable credential authentication in the face of the growing market of forged credentials and the vulnerability of certification documents. In need of a vendor-independent certification solution without a central point of potential failure, one that would outlive the issuing institution itself, in 2015 UNIC became the 1st university worldwide to utilize the most robust blockchain in the world, the Bitcoin blockchain for the issuance of academic certificates. was born to improve initial learnings and expand the product beyond education to other industries as well as government – indeed to any organization or sector that issues certificates and wants to secure their authenticity and immutability.

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Discover new business opportunities utilizing blockchain technology and learn how we’re helping our Partners position themselves for the next digital age. How are you adapting? Send us a message and one of our team will get back to you to discuss existing and new business opportunities. We look forward to helping you explore the potential of blockchain credentialing together to secure and expand your business going into the 4th industrial revolution.

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