Industries We Serve

Educational Institutions

Educational Institution

While the Internet saved us massively on paper costs and printing, most academic institutions are still spending enormous amounts on storing data and records. The loss and falsification of documents in education is quite a common basis for fraud of academic credentials and litigation, which results in financial costs and wasted time.

Professional Training

Professional training

Fake certificate websites, bogus degree mills and fraud committed by individuals are the most common types of fraud. By using our tamper-proof solution for the issuance of any type of certificate, whether for a professional qualification, or as part of a professional body’s CPD requirements, your self-verifiable certificates cannot be counterfeited.

Public Sector

Compliance standards policies

We rely on government certificates and notary services in our daily lives, with administration costs, time and resources being wasted by governments and citizens alike. We aim to transform modern governance and change the way public registers maintain security, immutability, privacy while boosting efficiency and reducing bureaucracy.

Maritime Training

Ship, shipping indistry

The shipping sector has been in the grip of fake maritime institutes charging exorbitant fees via agents, issuing certificates to candidates who do not have the requisite attendance or those candidates who just pay the fees for the course and ask for the certificate. Because of these bogus certifications the possibility exists that someone could be injured or killed, and we could face any number of potential environmental disasters. Being able to easily verify the genuine origin of a certificate by an approved maritime centre is paramount for shipping companies to fast-track their operation and optimize their manpower.


Cargo, logistics

Maritime fraud is becoming more common as criminals are increasingly turning to new methods. Many shipowners are under pressure to win new business and disregard due diligence when dealing with new business partners. On average, shipping companies may use more than 40 different certificates to verify information in their daily operations. Expanded regulation to increase marine safety and reduce the risk of marine pollution adds to the overheads of any shipping company.  These challenges may be tackled with our solution, by reducing long-standing bureaucratic procedures and automating processes.

Valuable Goods

Responsibility for food safety

While the market for luxury goods has grown steadily through the last 20 years representing a significant percentage of trades worldwide, studies have estimated a loss from counterfeit products amounting to $12 billion per year. Our solution assists in verifying the origin, quality as well as the whole supply chain for valuable goods or even art items. It can provide the consumer with verified information provided by the issuers of the certificate, on the origin, traceability, quality processes, while reducing waste, increasing productivity, sustainability and preventing errors in the production and distribution chain.


Medicine doctors

Securely store health records and maintain a single version of truth, saving on data management costs, providing speedy access, and reducing health data manipulation by allowing organizations to securely issue time-stamped information on digital medical certificates.


Car accident

Insurance policy certificates, claims certificates and cover notes are a few examples of use cases where our self-verifying certificate solution might ease everyday dealings. By mitigating insurance fraud, blockchain technology can help improve the insurance landscape.

Cyber Security

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Cyber Security companies use our technology to issue timestamped certificates of audits conducted, with all relevant information contained on a decentralized and secure blockchain, thus inaugurating added confidence in the cyber security of that entity.

Law Enforcement Sector

Police officers walking

Non-criminal record certificate is a most-widely used application of our technology. People requiring the certificates need to go through cumbersome procedures to receive these certificates while accuracy of records can be falsified. Our solution can issue a digital “statement of truth”, and assist in enforcing the law in the most transparent way.

Local Authorities

Signing documents

Certification fraud in local authorities has reached worrying levels in the last years with the cost of manual labor administration and fraud being passed on to consumer. Marriage certificates, permits, certifications and licenses are a few example where our technology can help streamline operations, safeguard integrity of data and boost efficiency as a result.