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Educational Institution

While the Internet saved us massively on paper costs and printing, most academic institutions are still spending enormous amounts on storing data and records.

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We rely on government certificates and notary services in our daily lives, with administration costs, time and resources being wasted by governments and citizens alike.

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Maritime & Shipping


Maritime fraud is becoming more common as criminals are increasingly turning to new methods.

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Legal – Corporate Services

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Legal advocates looking for a simplified, secure, and cost-effective way to future proof and validate digital documents use’s solution.

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Accounting & Audit


Companies using blockchain triple-entry bookkeeping acquire major benefits from adoption.

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Banking – Financial Services

Signing documents

The utilization of obsolete mechanisms and operational systems slows down the performance of banking institutions and provides ground for human error, delays and system failures.

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Publications – Intellectual Property Rights

Patent infringement

Patents, trademarks, and industrial designs, along with copyrights, are all types of intellectual property protections that help creators of written stories, inventions, artistic works, or symbols to stop people from stealing or copying their pieces of work.

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