January 2020

Block.co participated at Bloomen Ideathon for Blockchain and Media, on the 23rd and 24th of January 2020 and pitched it’s idea on how to easily protect digital media property. The event aim was to bring both technical and business people from the community, for not only enhancing the operations of the consortium through idea building and problem-solving but also to introduce blockchain technology as a tool for innovators wanting to disrupt the current state-of-art. Making the misuse of copyrighted works detectable, and thus deterring people from misuse, is the most promising measure currently known. Most proposals currently apply watermarking techniques and focus on resolving the ownership in disputes which may arise after a misuse has been detected. Courts of Law compare the ownership claims of disputing parties, but in fact, it could be that the actual owners may not know about the dispute. Proof of ownership is highly desirable in such situations because on one hand, the buyers are ensured not to buy digital items from fake copyright holders and on the other hand, the copyright holders are protected against unauthorized reselling of their digital works.