We rely on government certificates and notary services in our daily lives, with administration costs, time and resources being wasted by governments and citizens alike. Certification fraud in local authorities has reached worrying levels in the last years with the cost of manual labor administration and fraud being passed on to consumer. We transform modern governance and change the way public registers maintain security, immutability, privacy while boosting efficiency and reducing bureaucracy. Marriage certificates, permits, certifications and licenses are a few examples where our technology can help streamline operations, safeguard integrity of data and boost efficiency as a result. Licenses and other documents may be issued within a self-contained and self-verifiable digital document, proving their authenticity without intermediaries, anywhere with an internet connection. With the unique link and/or QR code accompanying the documents, one can instantly verify the authenticity of the certificates in a most cost-effective way.  

Examples include: 

  • Birth Certificates 
  • Death Certificates 
  • Wedding Certificates 
  • Clean Criminal Record Certificates 
  • Vehicle Certificates 
  • Certificates of Technical Standards 
  • Medical Records 
  • Medical Prescriptions 
  • Environmental Permits 
  • Council Tax Bills 
  • Vehicle Certificates 
  • Taxi Licenses 
  • Alcohol and Entertainment Licenses 
  • Animal Licenses 
  • Camping Licenses 
  • Hunting Licenses