The justified increase of interest in the blockchain technology is creating great opportunities for innovation and collaborations in the space! We are happy to welcome our new ally on the path of combating document fraud, the Cyprus Blockchain Association 

BLOCK.CO is providing its solution as a means to create all the membership certificates of the Cyprus Blockchain Association. The membership certificates will be anchored on the Bitcoin blockchain – the most secure computer network in the world – in order to ensure their immutability and security. The solution allows any 3rd party granted access to a document to remotely verify the document’s authenticity without the need of an intermediary. BLOCK.CO’s efficient solution to automate processes is simple for issuing and validation process and can be used by anyone who can use the internet. Members of the Cyprus Blockchain Association will now be in a position to easily prove their membership status to interested parties, just by forwarding the digital certificate that may be verified instantly and easily by a 3rd party. This will allow all members of the Association to enjoy their rights easily and instantly without relying on 3rd parties for verification!

About the Cyprus Blockchain Association 

The Association is a regulated non-profit association in Cyprus, and it is the official house for experts, researchers, institutions and enthusiasts of the blockchain space. Cyprus Blockchain Association gathers industry leaders advocating for the innovation and collaboration essential to utilize the tremendous potential of blockchain technology. You can find out more about the association at  

#StayAhead with BLOCK.CO to ensure the safety and security of the certificates and credentials.

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