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     Independence - Vendor independent validation process
     Simplicity - Intuitive interface for issuing and validation process
    Longevity - Timeless solution that would outlive the issuing institution itself
     Efficiency - Solution that reduces manual processes & costs


     Developed and supported by the pioneers in the space, the University of Nicosia
     Open-source technology
     Open Standards - (PDF, Chainpoint)
     Built on the most secure blockchain to date, the Bitcoin blockchain
    High availability BaaS application


     Truly Decentralized (on-chain) Validation/Revocation/Expiration
    Blockchain agnostic - Multi-chain issuing (Bitcoin or Litecoin available by default)
     Unique Link and/or QR Code - verify the document instantly & seamlessly with no cost
    Scalable - Issue in batches with unlimited file sizes
    Flexible - single cost per issuance or subscription based on your needs

Industries We Serve






Maritime & Shipping


Legal – Corporate Services


Publications – Intellectual
Property Rights


Accounting & Audit


Banking – Financial Services

We Partner With

Content Management System Companies

Win clients over by offering them the ability to easily create and issue verifiable, tamper-proof digital documents.

Software Companies

Upgrade your existing products and give peace of mind to your clients for the security of their digital documents with cryptographic blockchain technology.

Document Management System Companies

Gain valuable market share and integrate with our API to offer your clients cutting-edge technology with the ability to eliminate fraud within their digital document processes.

Education Platforms

Leverage our expertise to streamline workflows and ways of verifying authentic or fraudulent certificates within and outside of your organization.

Secure Printing Solution Providers

Remove the hassle of expensive security features or tedious verification processes for your clients.

Extra Features Include

    Simple WebApp accessible from any browser – No app downloads
    Verification of issuers
    Cryptocurrency Management
    Complex search and filtering for previous issuances
    Data entries may contain information from the past
    Administrator training
    Issuance management including data hygiene
    Tailored on-boarding with dedicated account manager
    Free Consultation – No time limit
    Easy and secure API integration with existing legacy systems
    Branded Document Verification Portals
    Unlimited administrator seats with permissions
    Versatile, selective document hosting, cloud or private server
    Document Design Services
    Support by phone and email
    Coming Soon: Multiple files types including audio and video
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Easy to Use

Issue, revoke or set expiries on secure digital documents with a few clicks, using an intuitive Web interface.


Digital fingerprints of documents are stored on the most secure blockchain to date.



Digital documents that are impossible to falsify.


Remove the need for intermediaries from the process.


Simple automated processes with no need for downloads.


Disseminate secure digital documents in a time-efficient manner.


Issue thousands of secure documents in one click.


Reduce paperwork and workload within your organization.

Future Proof

Self-contained documents and open-source validator make our solution timeless.


Empower recipients with ownership of their documents.


Compliance with all standardization efforts and data privacy laws.



Drive your brand’s awareness through the documents you share online.

Market Tested

Thoroughly tested, our technology is leveraging blockchain in a variety of industries world-wide.

No Vendor Lock-In

Our solution is based on the principles of decentralization and open-source code, meaning you will never be locked into a specific vendor, wallet or platform.

Dedicated Support

We are committed to success and we are ready to assist you in every step.

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Blockchain Agnostic

Choice of blockchain according to your needs.