Banking - Financial Services

The utilization of obsolete mechanisms and operational systems slows down the performance of banking institutions and provides ground for human error, delays and system failures. As any operation can be traced, the ability to automate processes significantly reduces costs and the need for manual work. Moreover, it is impossible to make retroactive changes on the blockchain. This guarantees data immutability and excludes the human factor, thus the probability of error, data tampering, or even leakage. Using blockchain in banking operations will digitize and automate tons of manual work, greatly boost the productivity of the financial institutions and eliminate the probability of mistakes, delays and errors. Annual Accounts, compliance reports and corporate documents may be issued within a self-contained and self-verifiable digital document, proving their authenticity without intermediaries, anywhere with an internet connection. With the unique link and/or QR code accompanying the documents, one can instantly verify the authenticity of the certificates in a most cost-effective way. 

Examples include: 

  • Brokerage accounts 
  • Private banking 
  • Corporate loan applications 
  • Maintain books and records 
  • Compiling annual accounts 
  • Conducting annual audits 
  • Filing tax returns 
  • Providing local Directors 
  • Providing registered office address 
  • certificates of Ultimate Beneficial Owner 
  • Compliance services 
  • Business licensing